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Conspiracy Theory Versus Probable Outcome

The difference between a conspiracy theory and an obviously desired course of events by the powers that be to produce a probable outcome is that a conspiracy theory stretches a fact or set of facts to create scenarios that are not necessarily the intention of the one who is the subject of the conspiracy. In a predicted course of events or probable outcome scenario one looks as the available facts and the condition of the players. In the case of the future of America, the facts all point to a carefully planned coup d'état by the American progressive groups. To explain all of the facts would require hundreds of pages. So, let me give it to you as succinctly as is possible in terms of who, what, when, where, and why.
1. Who: We have no idea who this man is. He just popped out of nowhere. We have no legitimate birth records, all family photos are photo shopped, and his college records are fake, to name a few issues related to knowing who this man is.
2. What: We have no idea what this man believes from his rhetoric. Because what he says is different from what he does. So, we have to assume that his beliefs stem from what he does and what he does is that which will destroy the American way of life, set up a new National Socialistic (Nazi) society, and vanquish the less than desirables (conservatives, Christians, and Jews). Based on the available data, he is now and has always been a Muslim.
3. When: He just appeared on the American seen in the March 10,1983 Columbia University student publication as a progressive/communist writer. No one who attended Columbia University (mostly Democrats) remembers him. There are no records available.
4. Where: We have no proof that he was ever in Hawaii, was actually Durham’s son or grandson. We have no idea where he came from or where he was until he showed up in Chicago in the mid 1980’s. We cannot even verify he existed prior to his political launch in the home of a person legally defined as a “domestic terrorist,” Bill Ayres.
5. Why: This is what people have the most difficulty with when really this is the easiest part of the analysis. When solving a mystery and this is no great mystery, one must always look to the simplest explanation. Obama even gave us the blueprint to solve this last question. During the 2008 Presidential campaign Barack Obama told audiences, 'Judge me by the people with whom I surround myself.’ These people are the worst of the worst. The one thing that they all have in common is a public record where they have declared in one way or another a complete disregard for capitalism, the republic of the United States, and a love for National Socialism in one form or another. The why is to bring National Socialism in to replace the American constitution. The first method is indoctrination. The backup method is a coup d'état. It looks like that indoctrination only worked up to a point.  So, now we have a coup d'état.

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