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Barack Obama: The Transparent President

If there is no wrongdoing on the part of the Justice Department regarding the program called “Fast and Furious” why did President Barack Obama think it necessary to declare he was sealing the records of the operation claiming Executive Privilege?
This question has got to be on the mind of every free thinking American, Democrat or Republican, who is a non-moron.
When president Obama was running for office, in 2008, he bragged over and over again that, unlike the Bush Administration, everything on his watch would be transparent.
Even after the election, on inauguration day, Obama said, “Transparency and the rule of law will be the touchstones of this presidency.”
So, this is an election year, and they don’t want the records to come out because it might cost Obama the election.  While that excuse explains it, it does not make it right, and certainly not transparent.  They have had 18 months to turn over the records.  If it is just a matter of bad press, they would have released it way back then.  It would all have blown over by now.  This indicates that there is something seriously wrong.
People have died because of this program.  The American people need to know what is in these documents. 
By not allowing these documents to be made public, it makes the White House look guilty. 
Attorney General Eric Holder, lied when he told congress he was turning over the documents. 
The law that allows for executive privilege does not give the right to a president when illegal activity on his part is involved.  Allowing these guns to go into the hands of our enemy with the result of a single American death is an illegal act.  Congress should force the issue.
If is this is what Obama believes to be transparency, I sure would not like to know what he thinks to be ambiguity. 

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